Christophe Bavière | International Capital Conference

7th and 8th November 2018

Beijing, China

Christophe Bavière

Position: CEO, Idinvest Partners

Christophe Bavière is CEO. He has been elected vice-president of AFIC, the French private equity professional association, in 2014 where he chairs the Legal and Tax Commission.  He has been re-elected several times as board member of AFIC between 2004 and 2014. Christophe Bavière is President of the Private Equity Commission at AFG, the French Asset Management Professional Association. Christophe also advises the «General Secretariat of National Defense» on business intelligence topics. He holds seats on the boards of several French leading Private Equity authorities AFIC & AFG and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the French regulator (AMF). Furthermore, he was elected «Private Equity Personality of the year» by Capital Finance Les Echos in 2007.

Prior to joining Idinvest Partners in 2001, he held senior positions within the AGF-Allianz Group, such as CIO of Allianz Private Equity Partners and as CIO of Allianz Global Inves tors. Starting in 1997, he played a significant role in introducing Private Equity as a separate asset class within the balanced portfolios under his management and sponsored the creation of Idinvest Partners (initially called AGF Private Equity). Before joining the AGF-Allianz Group, Christophe Bavière worked with CDC (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations) and BNP. He holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a business degree from ESLSCA (Paris). Moreover, he is member of the French Institute of Actuaries.