Hervé Machenaud | International Capital Conference

7th and 8th November 2018

Beijing, China

Hervé Machenaud

Position: Partner, Noether-Partners

Hervé Machenaud started his career as Director of the Urban Planning Division at the Ivory Coast Ministry of Planning in 1973, then undertook a variety of assignments on the African continent for the World Bank before returning to France in 1978 as Structural Engineer for the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine. Hervé Machenaud joined the EDF Group in 1982 as Deputy Director of Development at the Paluel Nuclear Plant.

In 1984, he took charge of the Group’s expansion into China, in particular as technical Manager of the Daya Bay Nuclear plant.

In 1990, he was assigned as Director of the Nuclear Design and Construction Centre, responsible for the Group’s French and international nuclear programs on the N4 series, before becoming, in 1995, EDF’s Deputy Director of Nuclear Construction Division, responsible for Resources, Management and International Development.

In 1998, he filled the role of Head of Generation and Transmission of EDF, then Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Industry Branch.

From 2002 to 2009, he was based in Beijing as Executive Vice President, Asia, to enhance the Group’s industrial expertise in China, Japan, India and in the Great Mekong region.

In 2009 he was assigned as “Group Senior Executive Vice President Generation & Engineering and Asia Pacific Branch President”.

From March 2015 to december 2016, he has been EDF Group Vice-President - EDF Group General Representative in China.

He is now a Partner of Noether-Partners, a company created with the intention to build the best transaction Advisory services specialized in Energy & Utilities (Renewable and infrastructures)