Sylvain Makaya | International Capital Conference

28th and 29th November 2018

Beijing, China

Sylvain Makaya

Position: Partner, Idinvest Partners

Sylvain joined Idinvest in december 2013 and led the Asset Finance department set up with the launch of the Idinvest SME Industrials Assets (ISIA) Fund. The objective of ISIA is to finance the modernization of the industrial production tools of European SMEs, in response to their competitiveness challenges.

Previously Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Sylvain led the following developments:

•    Implémentation of the Idinvest représentative office in Shanghai and establishment of strategie partnerships with China;

•    Création of the Portfolio Monitoring department to optimize the operational monitoring of portfolio companies. This department is now attached to the Middle Office;

•    Launch of the Idinvest SME Academy, a program designed to optimize the international development of SMEs financed by Idinvest;

•    Implémentation of an Idinvest Strategie Steering Committee.

Prior to joining Idinvest, Sylvain began his career at Andersen Consulting, then served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Private Equity Funds such as Euromezzanine Partners and then Antin Infrastructures Partners.

Sylvain is a graduate of EM Strasbourg and of Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He is also Private Equity teacher in Business Schools and practices boxing and triathlon in his spare time.